IBDS Client Wall Freckles Launches Website!

Wall Freckles PA Watermark Logo 1

IBDS Client Wall Freckles has launched a new website!  Check it out: https://wallfreckles.ca/

Wall Freckles is a handmade clothing business offering custom-made apparel such as children’s tops, bottoms, hats, and baby booties as well as adult tops. I have always been a creator. I came across a thrifted baby beanie that I really liked. I thought I should try making something like it. I searched online and found a knit fabric shop and placed my first order. I then found a sewing pattern and made my first beanies. After a little practice, I took some to a local craft sale and they were quite popular. I enjoyed it and continued learning about sewing knits and found more patterns to try. Eventually, I got comfortable enough with it and created a FB page dedicated to sharing and selling my creations. People started to come to me with requests and my business became more custom makes and fewer ready-to-sell items. I love sharing my work with others and being able to create one-of-a-kind items.

My creations are fully customizable. That means you can come up with an idea and help choose the fabric, look through patterns, add a hood or a pocket, or decorative cover-stitching or colour blocking. Just check out my price list page for options.